Aisha Idris

Aisha Idris earned her degree in Psychology from the Institute of Professional Psychology, Karachi. She discovered her love for writing while she was in high school and has never looked back since. In her first year of the bachelor’s program she began with her blog where she would share inspirational stories and self-help articles. Eventually, through the encouragement of her readers, she decided to write a book elaborating on these points. Apart from writing, she enjoys reading books, travelling, and drinking lots of coffee. She can also be found quietly sitting and reflecting on her surroundings or listening to Islamic lectures. Aisha is currently a feature writer for Muslimah Bloggers and content manager for Muslimah Writers and has written for Mvslim, BabyGaga and Hiba Magazine. She aspires to bring a positive change in the lives of people through her knowledge of psychology and her personal reflections on life.