Data Points

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A fresh look at visualization from the author of VisualizeThis

Whether it's statistical charts, geographic maps, or the snappygraphical statistics you see on your favorite news sites, the artof data graphics or visualization is fast becoming a movement ofits own. In Data Points: Visualization That Means Something,author Nathan Yau presents an intriguing complement to hisbestseller Visualize This, this time focusing on thegraphics side of data analysis. Using examples from art, design,business, statistics, cartography, and online media, he exploresboth standard-and not so standard-concepts and ideas aboutillustrating data.

  • Shares intriguing ideas from Nathan Yau, author of VisualizeThis and creator of, with over 66,000subscribers
  • Focuses on visualization, data graphics that help viewers seetrends and patterns they might not otherwise see in a table
  • Includes examples from the author's own illustrations, as wellas from professionals in statistics, art, design, business,computer science, cartography, and more
  • Examines standard rules across all visualization applications,then explores when and where you can break those rules

Create visualizations that register at all levels, with DataPoints: Visualization That Means Something.