Pakistan I Still Love You

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Dr. Rakhshinda Perveen

Dr. Rakhshinda Perveen has been fighting for many years for causes that are ignored not only by a dehumanised administration but also by the so called defenders of the rights of the deprived and underprivileged people. While the human rights community was aware of her campaign against the evil of dowry, which continues to cause much greater havoc in lives of Pakistan's women than is generally realised, she surprised us by producing a book on the need for providing relief in taxes to disabled women and divorced mothers. Lately she hasbeen writing about the people who are suffering as a result of denial of their rights or simply cussedness of those who have the power to offer them relief and justice. Dr Rakhshinda writes about these wretched human beings with a passion that commands attention and respect and compels the reader to regret his failure to see a wrong and to do something about it. Since she is a dedicated activist she adds to her analysis of a problem a call to action. Nobody will fail to be moved by her piece on the plight of Pakistanis, dismissed as Biharis, stranded in Bangladesh, while the funds collected to pay for their repatriation have disappeared no one knows where. When she writes about the community' s disdain for disability she displays a deep understanding of the society's primitive biases against the people with disabilities despite the state's decision to ratify the UN convention on their rights. She writes in a style that makes a complete statement without wasting words and leaves an imprint of sincerity. One hopes she will continue to whip our social conscience asking as necessary.


I. A.Rehman

Lahore ,25 January 2018


About the Author

Dr.Rakhshinda Perveen is a student of life! A note and endorsement from one of my Professors (the most amazing academic Dr. Bianca Dahl) "Rakshinda Perveen from Pakistan. This activist academic is a medical doctor, a university teacher, an Ashoka Fellow, an expert on gender-based violence and an advocate for women who have suffered abuse, the producer of the award-winning Pakistani TV series ‘Gender Watch’ that instituted a public discourse on gender issues among youth, and the first woman anchor for a live current affairs morning show from state-owned Pakistan Television Network. Such an inspiration. (Now, if only we could get her to stop "apologizing" for not being "an academic by training...") you Rax!" Bianca Dahl (Brown University, graduation ceremony of BIARI (Brown International Advanced Research Institutes) fellows, June 2015.