Pre-Production Services



It would be a misfortune to risk the potential success of a book due to of a few overlooked errors,which is why we focus on the technical aspects of your writing in our rigid proofreading process: grammar, spelling, capitalization, punctuation, sentence structure and continuity. We will ensure that your book meets the highest standards of editorial excellence, saving you any costly corrections after publication.



Editing is beyond just grammatical errors and typos; our panel of educated and experienced editors will review your manuscript in depth and provide you constructive feedback on how it can further be polished to meet professional quality standards, while keeping your authentic writing style in consideration. You will have creative control over all recommendations and can opt for whichever meet your goals and needs.



Most publishing companies only accept manuscripts if they are formatted in a certain standard style. We, however, can offer you services to compose your book (which can be submitted in any form) according to appropriate layouts, and make it look professionally and consistently formatted.



No matter what the old adage is, people do judge a book by its cover. Our team will provide visually appealing designs for your cover art that best reflect the contents of your book and can communicate to potential readers what it is about.


Assigning ISBN

Our team also assigns an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) to your book, which is necessary for securing your creative/intellectual work and prevent it from being illegally used. We also place two copies of each book in the National Library of Pakistan for record that it belongs to the original author.



Our print-on-demand services offer high-quality printing and binding of as many copies you prefer of your approved manuscript within a convenient time frame. We offer two types:

  1. Offset Printing: This is the traditional method of publication of books in bulk. (This is the more economical in comparison to POD in terms of the cost per book).
  2. Printing-on-Demand (POD):In POD, we offer publication of as many copies of the book as you require. It is quicker and more cost-effective.


Ensure that your book gets the attention it deserves; we will use our platform to promote your book to increase its awareness in the market and help generate sales as cost effectively as possible.


Selling Online

We also provide online services for selling your book either through our official website, other online bookstores or social media platforms. We offer cash on delivery (COD) all over Pakistan, as well as international shipping.




It takes more than the publication of your book to guarantee success. Our extensive distribution network can speed up the process of reaching the right audience and supplying all orders for your book.